Dorothy Clegg is a pioneering leader with an accomplished career as a Commercial Airline Captain and Sustainability Change Agent; known for successfully challenging the status quo while inspiring innovation. 

Dorothy has a progressive career that spans over 20 years with United Airlines. She is proficient as a strategic and effective senior-level leader, and is able to develop and optimize processes, strategies, and policies to build agile and sustainable enterprises and industries. Dorothy possesses a deep knowledge and understanding for the complexities of the airline industry. She collaborates effectively with corporate and industry thought leaders to develop comprehensive and cutting-edge sustainable business practices and models that increases competitiveness, and drives profitability.

Dorothy trains and develops intrapreneurs within large corporate structures who undertake high-risk, high-reward ventures and innovate from within.  She creates successful internal incubator programs that give cross-functional teams license to develop projects that don’t have to fit within the framework of any particular part of the organization.  She guides intrapreneurs to produce increased revenues and efficiencies that normally would be overlooked.  Dorothy empowers the intrapreneur and intrapreneurial spirit.  

When she's not flying and intrapreneuring, Dorothy is in her outrigger canoe off the shore of Honolulu, where she calls home.