Over 30 years of experience

Pinchot & Co. has provided innovation services to half of the Fortune 100 organizations around the world. We have helped launch billions of dollars in new products and services. Our best selling books are published in 15 languages. We have appeared in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal. And have been interviewed on The Today Show and Larry King Live. Our consulting is proven to create initiatives and products that give companies a 10:1 return on their investment. We have created successful internal incubator programs that give cross-functional teams license to develop projects that don't have to fit within the framework of any particular part of the organization yet greatly contribute to the health, success and bottom line of the company.  

This is a great idea! Many companies have made similar attempts, but this one just seems to get it right. They are providing the resources and tools to really foster innovation based on the principle that the most innovative ideas come from the people who are actually doing the work. By providing resources (education/mindset, skill-building, time and financial), the tools are in place to generate innovation.
— Paolo Moreira, EMD Serono

Some past clients

Some P+Co past clients