The brains of an organization are widely distributed... about one per person.
— Gifford Pinchot

Why Foster Intrapreneurship

Employees who are closer to the customer and the work are often aware of challenges and opportunities that might be less visible from an executive position. Many organizations know that there is a wealth of ideas in their employee population. There are ideas for saving time and money, ideas for ways to better satisfy customers, ideas for new services and products. There are concrete ways to implement the mission, strategies, visions and values.

Intrapreneurship is a solution that flips the historical paradigm of top down to bottom up. Our services guide the employees with the ideas to form functional teams, develop and test their ideas to create profitable solutions. Intrapreneurship produces bottom up engagement, changes the corporate culture, relieves the workload of the managers, and creates transparency that the employee’s ideas are important and can make effective change to the system and product.


Business As Usual

Innovation happens because managers choose good ideas and direct employees to implement them.

Business As Usual is the typical suggestion program focused on gathering and evaluating ideas. 



Innovation happens when passionate intrapreneurs persist in making their innovations happen in spite of challenges and hurdles.

Intrapreneuring is what happens when our program for training, identifying and supporting intrapreneurs removes the challenges and hurdles