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Libba (Elizabeth) Pinchot is the co-founder and president of Pinchot & Company, a thirty-year old innovation and intrapreneurship consulting firm that has worked with half of the Fortune 100 and many non-profits and government agencies.

Libba has helped train and coach employees and executives  to develop and run hundreds of successful innovative projects that benefit both their company and their customers. She enjoys engaging employees in creating innovations because it increases both their job satisfaction and their company’s economic, social and environmental results. 

Libba has also advised or been a principal in numerous educational startups in the areas of service, technology, and education – including, she was a founding staff member of the first computer-assisted education project at Stanford University. Over the last 20 years, she co-developed a wilderness learning center on Cortes Island called Channel Rock, and loves to host groups there practicing sustainability and social justice.

In 2002, Libba co-founded the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, now Pinchot University, the first sustainable business school. Pinchot University offers innovative MBA programs in which sustainability and social justice are integrated through the entire curriculum ( Since the founding, more than 700 graduates have created a networked community of change agents, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, with an 82% job placement within three months of graduation. 

Libba has degrees in philosophy, education, and organizational and systems psychology from Wellesley, Stanford, the University of Oregon and Goddard, and is currently a PhD candidate in organizational systems at Saybrook University. She is the co-author with Gifford Pinchot of The Intelligent Organization: Engaging the talent and initiative of everyone in the workplace.

Libba, and her husband of over 40 years, Gifford Pinchot, have been inspired in their work by their three children, five grandchildren, and all the children of the world.